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Questions often asked

Please read the following answers if you have anything you don’t understand.

School Information

・There is some school information not covered or some parts not correct.

・Where do you acquire the school information?

・We want to link our site of the school as we completed it.


・What’s the condition to participate in your community?

・How is the individual profile used with in the community?

・Is it allowed to make multiple registration for the school community in the same family?

・Is selling goods allowed in the school community?

・What should we do if a trouble occurred among the users?

・What should we do when a suspicious person joined as a member of the community in the same grade?

・How should we cope with the information nothing to do with the theme posted to the bulletin board?

・I don’t want to receive automatic information service.

・I do not want to receive e-mails; I want to get out of the group in the community; I want to withdraw from the school community; I want to cancel the user registration.

How to Deal With A Mobile Phone

・Can we use our mobile phone to get the service of the school community?

・Can we use our smart phone to get the service of the school community?

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