» What’s Gaccom?

What’s Gaccom?

Gaccom is a portal site composed of the two parts as follows;
1, The school information page provides the information of nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary and middle schools in Japan.
2, The community page provides the community where the parent in the same school can interchange each other and supports it.
The coverage of use is different respectively by the conditions of the registration to Gaccom. The range of use depends on the conditions of the registration.

The aim of Gaccom: Providing School Information.

Various kinds of school information have long been distributed through the internet. The reliable and well known information, however, is not necessarily provided in easily understandable way by various reasons. Therefore we consider parent of children now spending unnecessary time for asking the information to the administrative bodies and for searching it through the internet when they change address and their children newly enter schools or kindergartens.

Gaccom is trying to provide various school information easily understandable as much as possible with free of charge, as it is not widely supplied until now. Our purpose is to support selection of the school of the children by their parent as much as possible through these information.

The Aim of Gaccom:Providing The Community of Parent

A school is originally the place that parent can be easily connected together through common topics of children. But we believe their connection is not so strong as before because of excessive consideration for privacy of the family and increase of the students attending outside of the school districts.

Gaccom provides the community platforms by schools to give opportunities for connecting parents and the families. We believe that forming communities for parents and building up reliable relations between them could be helpful and reassuring for those areas and schools around them.

The request of provision of School information from parents

We are trying to provide useful and accurate school information as much as possible based on our own research. However, some of the information needs feedback from the users. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Recommended environment of this site

Gaccom’s website is recommended to view on the following browsers.

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About the Operation of this site

This site is managed by Gaccom Inc. Please click Company Info for company overview.

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