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Yamaguchi- information about public safety

You can check safety information of cases and suspicious persons easily on the map, avatars, icons, graph, etc.

Yamaguchi - About enrollment / number of classes / school zone(school attendance zone) information

Elementary school / Junior high school - About flexibility of class size

Useful official information of public schools is not necessarily presented widely in our country. We think this is the reason why parents spend a lot of unnecessary time for changing address or carrying out entrance procedures for new schools. Gaccom collects official school information which you cannot obtain from reputation or word of mouth.This page is introducing elementary school and junior high school of Yamaguchi.

About order of the enrollment etc. for elementary school / junior high school

In the search of reordering, On the elementary school / junior high school, sorting is available by the number of children/students and class size, of entire school or on every grades, the number of teachers, and reviews. On the public school, the enrollment in entire school includes the enrollment of special education class. Also, the research year of the enrollment is [2016 year] in national school, [2017 year] in public school, [2016 year] in private school. And the research year of the number of teachers in the public school is [2017 year].

School district map of public school

In public school page, school district can be captured visually on the map.The school attendance zones information on the map is not always correct. And the school attendance zones are subject to change every year. You had better make use of it as reference.

Elementary school / Junior high school - About textbook adoption data

We provide information of the official textbooks of 4 subjects (Math, Japanese, Science and Social Studies) for public elementary schools and 7 subjects (English, Math, Japanese, Science and Social Studies (History, Geography and Civics)) for public middle schools. School adoption data is provided.Information is based on Heisei 27 year academic year data for elementary schools and Heisei 24 year academic year data for junior high schools.

Yamaguchi - Elementary school / Junior high school - About flixibility of class composition

Due to the policy change, class size is permitted to lower the standard (40 students per class, 35 students in grade 1).Information of class size shown for each school page is based on [Yamaguchi year].

About area-specific information

Each page introduces the information of the school founders by municipal cities and prefectures. Rate of seismic retrofit of buildings on public school is [as of 2018/04/01], specification status of community school is [as of 2016/04/01], computerization (Number of students per an educational computer ) is [as of 2018/03/01], school lunch implementation rate is as of [2015 academic year], number of school truancy is as of [2017 academic year].

Additional Information hereafter

Gaccom tries to add new and useful school information to parents hereafter from the diversified standpoints of supporting the school selection. We expect your good understanding and cooperation for supplying us feedback and information.

About Gaccom community

The school community of Gaccom provides mutual networks of parents which supplement communication by mails from schools and the mail list of each class.
[Reference]: About communities