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About school information utilized in this search

About Gaccom

Useful official information of public schools is not necessarily presented widely in our country. We think this is the reason why parents spend a lot of unnecessary time for changing address or carrying out entrance procedures for new schools. Gaccom collects official school information which you cannot obtain from reputation or word of mouth.

About search of school zones

School attendance zone (school zone) is based on the research of 2024 year.Public school attendance zones may change every year. Furthermore, to select a school which is not located in the school zone is permitted in specific regions. Please confirm the educational council for details.

About detailed search by school

We use the information below.
  *Student Enrollment [2023Year]
  *The number of classes [2023Year]
  *The number of teachers and staff [2023Year]
  *Status of community school (school management council system)  [2016/04/01]

About search by municipals

The information below is used as the information by municipals.
  *Public elementary / junior high school - Status of introduction of school selection system [2012Year]
  *Rate of seismic retrofit of buildings on public school [2023/04/01]
  *Computerization on public junior high school [2018/03/01]
  *Number of foreign children / number of children returned from abroad on elementary/junior high school [2013/05/01]
  *Number of long-term absentees [2013/05/01]
  *Medical care cost aid to small baby [2023/04/01]
  *Number of Medical care staff [2022/12/31]
  *Number of fire of buildings [2008Year]
  *Number of traffic accidents [2009Year]
  *Number of recognized criminal offenses [2009Year]
  *Number of recognized criminal offenses [2009Year]

About search by prefectures

The information below is used as the information by prefectures.
  *School lunch implementation rates: Public [2021Year]
  *School Lunch Costs: Public [2021Year]
  *Number of school truancy: National / Public / Private [2017Year]
  *Educational costs etc. per child: Public [2021Year]
  *Air conditioning (cooling) equipment status on public elementary / junior high school [2022/09/01]
  *公立小中学校におけるトイレ設置状況 [2023/09/01]

User submitted information

Information in this page has been voluntarily posted by Gaccom users. It is not the information Gaccom has collected. It includes information that is difficult to obtain from outside of the school. Gaccom does not guarantee the accuracy of the information in this page.

School district map of public school

In public school page, school district can be captured visually on the map.The school attendance zones information on the map is not always correct. And the school attendance zones are subject to change every year. You had better make use of it as reference.

About textbook adoption data

小学校については算数/国語/理科/社会/英語/書写/地図/生活/音楽/図工/家庭/保健/道徳の13種目、中学校については英語/数学/国語/理科/社会(歴史・地理・公民)/書写/地図/音楽・器楽/美術/保健/技術・家庭/道徳の16種目の年度別教科書採択情報を提供しています。Information is based on 0006 school year academic year data for elementary schools and 0003 school year academic year data for junior high schools.

Additional Information hereafter

Gaccom tries to add new and useful school information to parents hereafter from the diversified standpoints of supporting the school selection. We expect your good understanding and cooperation for supplying us feedback and information.