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Higashimurayamadaiichi Junior High School


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* The word of “school attendance zone” is used differently by area and we use “school attendance zone“ or “school zone” mainly in our web site.
* School Attendance Zones (School Zones) is based on the research of 2023 year.School Attendance Zones (School Zones) is reviewed every year. So, please confirm the detail with educational conucil always.
* The school attendance zones information on the map is not always correct. And the school attendance zones are subject to change every year. You had better make use of it as reference.

Higashimurayamadaiichi Junior High Schoolと通学区域が共通している公立小学校

Higashimurayamadaiichi Junior High Schoolには、以下の小学校の卒業生が入学できます。

:Student :The number of classes/Class size

Higashimurayama-shi - Public junior high school - Status of introduction of school selection system [2012Year]

Introduction of School Selection System

Not introduced
(not considered yet)

* Research by MEXT

Higashimurayamadaiichi Junior High School - information

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