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    • Robbery etc (Setagaya-ku etc)
      [Information that occurred in Setagaya-ku]
      Reiwa september 22, 2012, an indoor robbery and wounding incident occurred by two men in Kamiyuga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
      The suspects, pretending to be the meter reading officers of a gas company, visited the victim's home, threatened the victim with money, and assaulted the victim and fled.

      Characteristics of the criminal
      (Ko) age about 20 years old, beige clothing, wearing a white mask
      (Oto) age about 50 years old, worker-style clothing, wearing a white mask

      In Tokyo, there have been many incidents involving indoor robberies disguised as gas, water, and electricity meter reading personnel.
      When the meter reading staff visits, do not easily put it in the home, let's respond after confirming with each company.
      Please tighten the door of the entrance and the window firmly.
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    • 09/23/2020, 09:01
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