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    • About how to spend Obon in Corona's disaster

      As for how to spend Obon, we ask that you try to stay as short as possible, and take basic infection prevention measures such as wearing a mask, hand washing, ventilation, avoiding three secrets, and thorough disinfection.
       In particular, when you have a dinner, please take a sufficient distance and do it within two hours. In addition, if you need to stay at the hotel, please try to go to bed in a separate room.

      In addition, there is a request for the person who returns to Obon or the person who is considering the homecoming. (Please tell the person who goes home.) )
       For example, if you have taken an act with a high risk of infection, such as attending a banquet during the period one week before you go home, or if you are not feeling well, please refrain from going home. Also, if you want to meet with local friends, please wear a mask, and this time, please refrain from banqueting with as large a large number as possible.

      Each person's moderate behavior protects the important person.
       We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation when we celebrate Obon.

      Finally, the new coronavirus has a risk of infection to everyone. We ask that you never slander patients infected with the new coronavirus, their families, or co-workers from a humanitarian point of view or from the viewpoint of prevention of spread of infection.

      August 7, Reiwa
       Michitaro Watanabe, Mayor of Nasu Shiobara

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    • 08/07/2020, 17:21
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