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    • Beware of animals (Kasuga-shi)
    •  On Thursday, July 30, Reiwa, we are pleased to announce that the staff of the facility that was conducting a safety inspection on the premises of the General Sports Center (No. 28 Otani 6-chome) found two red-necked spiders and were exterminated on the spot. The General Sports Center will continue to take measures such as safety inspections and pest control.
       If you discover a red-beged spider, don't panic and don't touch it with your bare hands, apply commercially available insecticides or crush it to get rid of it.
       After that, please contact the Kasuga City Environment Division or the Regional Environment Division of the Chikushi Health, Welfare and Environment Office.
      Female body length 1cm, the whole has a red band pattern on the back black.
      There is no aggression, it will not be bitten unless you touch it with bare hands.
      A place rich in insects and small animals that feed in sunny and warm places.
      ※ Discovery case: side of the drainage ditch and the back of the lid, back of the flowerpot, flower beds and blocks of the park, etc.
      【Control method, etc.】
      ・Wear long sleeves, long pants, gloves, etc. when performing outdoor work, such as cleaning and taking care of flower beds.
      It can be exterminated with commercially available household insecticides.
      Please keep an eye on your parents so that you don't get close to where small children live.
      【Medical condition when bitten】
      Feel the pain, such as a stick with a needle, symptoms such as sweating and nausea may appear.
      ・In Japan, there have been many cases of bites by red-necked spiders, but there are no serious cases (however, infants and the elderly may have severe symptoms, so be careful).
      【What to do if you are bitten】
      Wash the wound with hot water and soap and receive treatment at the hospital.
      【Contact information in case of discovery】
      Kasuga City Environment Division Phone 092-584-1111
      Chikushi Health, Welfare and Environment Office, Regional Environment Division Telephone 092-513-5611
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    • 07/30/2020, 18:00
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