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    • Molester, obscene, pervert etc (Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi etc)
    • Report on the occurrence of crimes on July 29, Reiwa  

      1 molester 
      [Location] Tomioka Nishi 4-chome (street) [occurrence situation] victim on the way home on foot, a man is damaged
      It is the one that the victim's right chest is touched with the left hand when running on the right side of the person and overtaking it, and it escapes as it is.
      Date and time: Tuesday, July 28, 9:33 p.m.

      Public indecency 1 case 
      [Location] Kanazawa-cho 56 (street) [occurrence situation] where the witness was walking, wearing
      he saw a man with his black trousers down to the knee and exposed his lower body. Date of occurrence
      Around 12:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 30
      == About the occurrence of bank transfer fraud in Kanagawa Prefecture [Reiwa end of May 2009] =
      From the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters, special fraud in Kanagawa Prefecture as of the end of May 2002, Reiwa
      information was provided.

      Number of damages: 781
      The total damage amount is approximately 1,233 million yen.

      Compared to the same period of the previous year, the number of cases was -315, and the total amount of damage was about 847 million yen.
      decreased in both the number of raw and the total amount of damage.
      ※ The percentage of cash card damage is about 70% of the total!

      ====[Pay attention to the trick of the heron to become sophisticated! ] =====
      The trick to cut into a cash card
       "The card has been misused", and the telephone is called under the guise of the police officer, etc., and it visits the home afterwards.
      I'll cut it with scissors so that I can't use this cash card.
      It says, it cuts into the cash card, and it is convinced that it is not able to use it.
      a trick that is
       ※ Cash card is used even if you put a cut if you do not cut the IC chip or magnetic portion
      I can!

      A trick to find out personal information under the guise of a courier company
       "The delivery slip is wet with rain and I'm having trouble reading it. What's your son's name? "I'm not sure if I
      He called under the guise of a contractor, and the next day he said that he would send his luggage using his son's name.
      It is a trick of my fraud to make you trust.
      ★ if you say "cash card" on the phone, it's a heron!
      If you feel suspicious even a little, please consult with the police!

      ==== [Let's set it to answering machine!] =====
      If you set the home phone to answering machine, the criminal will give up and hang up, so worry about being made a dama
      It isn't!

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    • 07/30/2020, 13:39
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