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    • Secret photographing etc (Niihama-shi etc)

    • Suspicious person information by police station jurisdiction
      1 (Niihama)
      ◇ Type: Photography
      ◇Date: Tuesday, July 28, Reiwa, 1:10 p.m.
      ◇Location: Kubota-cho 1-chome street in Niihama City
      ◇ Situation: When three elementary school girls were walking, a man (30-40 years old, skinny type, 170cm, black hair short hair, coat: white polo shirt, undercoat: black long pants, shirt is put in the pants, belt, white mask, black leather wear, black smartphone, beige small handbag possession) standing in front of the girls elementary school students, those that were photographed appearance on the smartphone.

      2 (Matsuyama Minami)
      ◇ Type: Voice
      ◇Date: Tuesday, July 28, Reiwa, 6:40 p.m.
      ◇Location: Furukawa Nishi 2-chome Street, Matsuyama City
      ◇ Situation: When two female junior high school students were walking, a man (about 50 years old, skinny type, 170cm, long black hair, coat: black plain short sleeve polo shirt, undercoat: black work clothes length pants, glasses, no mask) to "Come and give me candy-chan. It was called, and the arm was gripped. After that, the man took the candy out of his pants pocket and said, "It's not poisoned. It was the one that the candy was gripped while saying.

      3 (Matsuyama Minami)
      ◇ Type: Tsukimatoi
      ◇Date: Tuesday, July 28, Reiwa, 6:45 p.m.
      ◇Location: From the street of Imon-cho, Matsuyama City to the street to Morimatsu-cho in the same city
      ◇ Situation: high school girls are riding a bicycle, a man who got on a motorcycle (scooter type) (35-50 years old, obesity, upper coat: white-like T-shirt, undercoat: blue-like pants, wearing glasses) or being turned forward, such as to be followed later, those stuck.
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    • 07/30/2020, 13:41
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