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      One of the faculty and staff (co-teachers) of the Tenth School of Neyagawa City was confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus. (Because it was not an inspection as a thick contact person, there was no closure until the result was known.) )
      For this reason, the school has a "Policy on How to Deal with the New Corona Antivirus" (please refer to the city's website). Based on the original two-week "complete school closure", it will be "fully closed" until Friday, July 31 due to the closing ceremony of the first semester.
      However, all students in the class whose faculty and staff are co-teachers (providing school lunch guidance with the mask removed) are required to wait at home until Tuesday, August 4, two weeks from the last contact date (last working day) with the infected faculty and staff.
      In addition, pcr inspections will be conducted on all students and all faculty and staff in the class in which the faculty and staff are co-teachers, as well as school officials, including students deemed particularly necessary, in the action confirmation of the city health center.
      All activities that use the school facilities will not be available during the school closure.

      In the school, disinfection of classrooms, etc. will be carried out by a professional contractor under the guidance of the city health center.

      For more information, the school will contact the parents of the Tenth Junior High School.

      【Requests to citizens】
      Wear a mask when you're out of the place, indoors, or having a conversation, even if you don't have any symptoms. However, in a place where you can take enough distance from the people around you, please remove the mask as appropriate to prevent heat stroke and take good physical care.
      In particular, there have been many reports of infections in places involving eating and drinking, such as eating out, so be careful when you take off your mask and talk.
      ・Because it is difficult to wear a mask during sports, please be careful about sports that cannot take sufficient physical distance.
      In addition, please be careful enough in the high chanting act such as karaoke where it is difficult to wear a mask.

      School Education Department, Neyagawa City Board of Education
      Phone 072-813-0072 (direct)
      Health and General Affairs Division, Health Department, Neyagawa City
      Phone 072-829-7771 (direct)
      Disaster Prevention Division, Crisis Management Department, Neyagawa City
      Phone 072-825-2194 (direct)
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    • 07/29/2020, 19:34
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