• memo
    • Beware of animals (Funabashi-shi etc)
    • There was an eyewitness information of the monkey as follows. If you witness a monkey, please do not approach it because it is dangerous, and call 110.

      Things to keep in mind when you find a monkey
      Stay away from each other
      Do not feed. Don't show me the food.
      Do not stimulate
      Do not look directly at the eyes
      Be careful not to enter the house

      Sightings so far
      Tuesday, July 28, 4:00 p.m.
      16:25 Near Maekaizuka Town

      16:35 Near Ueyama-cho 2-chome

      18:01 Near Kashiwaicho 1-chome, Ichikawa City

      7/29 (Wednesday)
      6:31 a.m. Near 1-chome, Kabayama Kaizuka Park, Kashiwai-cho, Ichikawa City

      6:41 near Miyakubo 5-chome, Ichikawa City

    • "Please consider" The scripts on this part are translated automatically.
  • memo
    • Date and time of report
    • 07/29/2020, 10:09
  • memo
    • Classification of the incident

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