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    •  On Tuesday, July 28, Reiwa, a new case of coronavirus infection was confirmed in Ueda City. (97th example in the prefecture) Please check the Nagano Prefecture website for the latest information such as overview.

      The following is an overview of the infection information released by Nagano Prefecture.
      97th case (residence Ueda City)
       80s Male
       July 27 Fever appears, medical institution B visits and specimen collection
       Testing reveals positive
       On July 28, he was admitted to a medical institution designated for infectious diseases.
       In addition, the history of the person who has a strong contact and action is under investigation.
      *Announcements at the press conference from 17:00 on July 28
       His occupation is unemployed. The current symptom is a fever of 37 degrees 9 minutes. No other symptoms.
       Visit and stay history outside the prefecture two weeks prior to onset has not been confirmed at present.

      *Nagano Prefecture is expected to investigate and publish information on new coronavirus infections under the jurisdiction of Ueda Health and Welfare Office (Ueda Public Health Center). The contents to be published are decided and made public in careful consideration, giving due consideration to human rights, privacy protection, reputational damage, etc.

      Ueda City will continue to promptly inform you of information released by Nagano Prefecture.
      So far, we have asked for careful action, such as thorough basic infection prevention measures, regarding traffic from Nagano Prefecture to areas with many infected people. Basic infection prevention measures are as follows:

      [Thorough measures to prevent basic infection]
      Avoid crowds Refrain from visiting places where clusters may occur, such as restaurants involving entertainment: Three basics of infection prevention (ensuring physical distance, wearing masks in crowds, hand washing and disinfection of hands) and thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures To observe your own health even after returning from the area

      Continue to avoid "three dense" of "closed space with poor ventilation", "dense place where many gather", and "close place to talk and speak up close".
       In addition, in connection with the new coronavirus infection, we ask that you continue to act calmly based on accurate information so that unfair discrimination, prejudice, bullying, etc. will not be carried out to those who have been infected, medical institutions and their families who have been treated, those who have returned from areas where the infection is spreading, and foreigners through incorrect knowledge and uncertain information.
       We ask for the utmost action that you can do again to protect the lives of your family and friends, the lives of those who support your daily lives, and your own precious lives.

      It is also posted on the city's website, so please take a look.

      Contact New CoronaVirus Infection Control Office 0268-75-6676

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    • 07/28/2020, 19:26
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