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    • Assault, bodily injury (Sudo Elementary School etc)
    • [Subject] Voice case occurrence
      [Date] 7/27 (Monday) around 17:00
      [Location] In Eo Park, Fuji City
      [School District] Suzu Elementary School
      When I was in the hand washing area in the park, I said to the man, "I'll give you some sweets, so come with me. He said, "I grabbed my hands and clothes." As he ran away, the man walked away in a black car.
      [Encounterer] elementary school students and several boys
      [Actor] 20's 170cm black hair black polo shirt black jeans 

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    • Date and time of report
    • 07/28/2020, 09:52
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    • Characteristics of the suspicious-looking person  ※Note

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