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    • Suspicious person (Asahi-shi)
    • 【Date and time】
      July 15, 2020 11:00

      Iioka Ichinomiya Line Near Shiinanai Nishimachi Bus Stop

      1 adult woman

      Suspicious behavior

      [Details of the contents]
      When the woman was at home, a man's voice from outside heard shouts such as "I'm going to kill you," and "Apologize." The woman looked outside and saw the man walking in the west direction.
      The woman also provided information to the school because the elementary school was nearby.
      No actual harm, contacted the police.

      [Characteristics of suspicious persons]
      Gender: Man
      Age: 30-40
      Body type: Thin
      Height: About 170cm
      Hairstyle: Short hair and black
      Clothing: Blue and black checked shirt, black trousers
      Belongings: White shopping bag

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    • 07/16/2020, 09:05
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