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    • Weapon (Nishikan-ku, Niigata-shi)
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      About the occurrence of the injury incident

      Date and time
      Thursday, July 9, Reiwa, 4:36 p.m.

      In the <a0> Origin Location </a0> dialog
      Inside the house in Hatayachi, Nishimata-ku, Niigata City

      A woman in her 60s was stabbed with a knife by a strange man.
      The criminal is on the run.

      [Characteristics of the criminal]
      A man in his 50s, about 170 cm tall, medium meat, black top and bottom clothes, black sneakers

      We are currently investigating at the Nishimata Police Station, so please contact the Nishimata Police Station (0256-72-0110) for information.

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    • 07/09/2020, 18:44
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