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    • Disaster, weather (Takaki Junior High School etc)
    • At 4:30 p.m., a special heavy rain warning was issued in Isahaya City.
      Due to the extremely high risk of sediment disasters and flood damage, evacuation advisories were issued throughout the area at the same time.
      If you live in a sediment disaster warning area, please evacuate to a safe place immediately.
      If you are in the vicinity of a steep slope or along a river, please evacuate to a building that is as robust as possible away from steep slopes and rivers.
      When taking an evacuation, please choose a safe evacuation route.
      When you evacuate, please put out the source of the fire and tighten the door firmly.
      Keep your luggage to a minimum and use a backpack or shoulder bag to make sure that your hands are free.
      Do not act alone as much as possible, let's evacuate together with your family and neighbors.
      If you are unable to evacuate, please evacuate to the second floor or higher floor of the building or on the upper floor of a nearby building as much as possible.

      Kamisanso, Oguri Elementary School, Nishi-Isahaya Community Center, Ono Gymnasium, Yuki Fureai Kaikan, Nagata Minori Kaikan, Honno Fureai Kaikan, Isahaya Agricultural High School 1st Gymnasium, Ueyama Elementary School, Kita-Isahaya Elementary School, Mitatateyama Elementary School, Kami Isahaya Elementary school, Tarami Welfare Activity Center (2nd floor of Tarami Branch), Tarami Multipurpose Training Center, Moriyama Community Center, Iimori Fureai Kaikan, Takarai Kaikan (2nd and 3rd floors), Takarai Junior High School, Konagai Branch 2F

      When using a shelter, please bring sanitary products such as masks, disinfectants, thermometers, etc. to prevent infectious diseases.

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    • 07/06/2020, 17:34

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