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    • Molester, obscene, pervert (Oota-shi etc)
    • Yesterday (June 28) around 10:15 p.m., a woman on her way home on foot on a street near Hosoya Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line asked a foreign man on her bicycle, "Where is Ota Station?" On top of being called, and so on, there was a case of touching the body.

      Characteristics of The Man
      Age 20 to 30 years old, black, height about 175cm, medium meat, short black hair, clear double, upper coat red short sleeve T-shirt, undercoat length pants (color unknown), ride on a bicycle (light car of unknown color)

      If you see a suspicious person, please call 110 or report it to the nearest police box or police station immediately.

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    • Date and time of report
    • 06/29/2020, 07:00
  • memo
    • Characteristics of the suspicious-looking person  ※Note

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