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    • Traffic accident etc (Ueda-shi etc)
    • This is an announcement from Ueda Police Station.

      On June 20, a bicycle traffic accident occurred in Aoki Village under the Ueda Police Station.
       In addition, there were traffic fatalities caused by bicycles in Ueda City last month, and traffic accidents involving bicycles are on the rise.
      I'd like to ask you all.
       To prevent traffic accidents from occurring
      ○ When riding a bicycle, observe traffic rules and wear a helmet.
       ○ Deterring the speed of driving a car
       ○ Pause at intersections and check left and right safety
       ○ Discuss traffic safety with family, company, etc.
      to prevent traffic accidents.

      Today, the Ueda Police Department Traffic Division will crack down on speed violations on the city roads of Akiwa cadastral registered in Ueda City.
       I'd like to suppress the speed.

      Contact: Ueda Police Station (tel) 0268-22-0110

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    • Date and time of report
    • 06/25/2020, 08:12

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