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    • Harm to the children etc (Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi)
    • ◆Date: Wednesday, June 24, 4:30 p.m.
      ◆Location: On the street of Nishi-Kujo Higashi Miyukita-cho, Minami-ku (near the north side of The Minami Police Station, Kyoto Prefecture)
      Summary: When a female elementary school student is coming home, she is called out by a man, held in hand, and further said, "Take off your mask. When the mask was removed, the man brought the face close. A girl elementary school student said, "Don't do this. The man walked away opposite to the girl elementary school student when it said, and the hand was paid off and it ran away.
      ◆ Male features: junior high and high school style, black hat, mask, white T-shirt, white and navy blue pattern shorts, black sandals wear
    • "Please consider" The scripts on this part are translated automatically.
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    • Date and time of report
    • 06/25/2020, 08:05
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    • Characteristics of the suspicious-looking person  ※Note

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