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    • Secret photographing etc (Niihama-shi etc)
    • Suspicious person information by police station jurisdiction
      1 (Niihama)
      ◇ Type: Voice
      ◇Date: Friday, June 19, Reiwa, 7:30 a.m.
      ◇Location: Ichinomiya-cho 1-chome street in Niihama City
      ◇ Situation: When eight elementary school boys and girls were walking, a girl who was walking at the head, a man (30 years old, Kohi, about 170cm, black hair short hair, coat: black T-shirt, undercoat: white-like half pants, smartphone (with selfie stick), umbrella possession, glasses, no mask, walk " I want you to look together because you dropped contact. It was said. The girl said, "I'm in a hurry, because the man brought his smartphone with a selfie stick close to the girl's feet. He refused and walked away.

      2 (Niihama)
      ◇ Type: Suspicious person
      ◇Date: Friday, June 19, Reiwa, 5:30 p.m.
      ◇Location: 1-chome bicycle parking lot in Shin-Suga-cho, Niihama City
      ◇ Situation: When a female junior high school student was parked a bicycle in the bicycle parking lot, a man (about 30-40 years old, medium meat, black hair short hair, coat: black-like jacket, glasses wear, pen notepad possession, without a beard) was taking notes while looking at the female junior high school student.

      3 (Matsuyama Nishi)
      ◇ Type: Voice
      ◇Date: Friday, June 19, Reiwa, 2:00 p.m.
      ◇Location: Katsuoka-cho Street, Matsuyama City
      ◇ Situation: a boy elementary school student was riding a parked car (silver, light four cars) while riding a bicycle (about 40-50 years old, skinny type, hair mixed with gray hair, coat: white jacket, black knit hat wear, no glasses) to "come here. And so on and so on. A few minutes later, there was no voice to pass near the man's car.

      4 (Matsuyama Minami)
      ◇ Type: Suspicious person
      ◇Date: Friday, June 19, Reiwa, 5:50 p.m.
      ◇Location: Matsuyama City Water Mud Town Street
      ◇ Situation: When three female junior high school students were walking, a man who approached while pressing a bicycle (light blue, electric bicycle) (20 years old, medium meat, about 165cm, black hair long hair (bob hair), coat: gray long sleeves, undercoat: black pants, black-rimmed glasses wearing, black rucksack (with a large number of key chains), those that were directed to the smartphone passing to. At that time, when a junior high school girl saw a man's smartphone, the camera function was activated.
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    • 06/22/2020, 16:29
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