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    • Sick, health (Zushi-shi etc)
    • The distribution period for hypochlorous acid water will be extended as follows:

      1 Location and distribution period *Distribution within the opening hours
      (1) New Coronavirus General Window on the 1st floor of City Hall until Friday, July 31 *Excluding Weekends and Holidays
      (2) From Numama Komisen to 8/2 (Sun) *Excluding Tuesdays (closed)
      (3) Kotsubo Komisen to 8/2 (Sun) (excluding Tuesday (closing date)

      2 Distribution method
      Up to 500 ml per person
      Please bring a container such as a washed plastic bottle (please display it with a label, etc. to prevent accidental drinking). ※Metal containers are not allowed.

      3 How to use
      Sterilization of tables, handrails, etc.

      4 Others
      (1) We have prepared a flyer describing the handling method, etc. at the distribution location, so please take a look.
      (2) In order to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, please wear a mask when you come.

      [Information about the new coronavirus in Zushi City HP]

      [Those who can not browse the HP by selecting the above URL]
      If you are a device that can copy the above URL, or search by pasting it in the search browser,
      Please search for "new coronavirus" from Zushi City's website.

      Disaster Prevention and Safety Division (046-872-8135)

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    • Date and time of report
    • 06/22/2020, 10:50
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