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    • Beware of animals (Hodatsushimizu-cho)
    • Hodatsu Shimizu Town [Disaster Prevention and Crime Prevention Information]

      June 20, Reiwa, 11:20 a.m.
      There was information that he saw a bear in Yanasechi, Hodatsushimizu Town (near Hamamichi Railroad Crossing and Shinmei Shrine).

      * The bear is originally a very timid and quiet animal. Actions that stimulate bears are dangerous.

      ◆ What to do when it is found that there is a possibility that the bear is lurking in the vicinity

      Carry the sound of the bell, flute, radio, etc., and inform the bear of your existence.
      Carefully open the doors of garages and work rooms. (If you open it at once, it may pop out from the inside.) )
      Bear activity is active in the morning and evening do not enter the place where the mountain and the outlook are bad.
      Do not leave garbage or vegetable waste in gardens, fields, etc.

      Please note that bears are difficult to notice people's signs on bad weather days.

      ◆ What to do if you encounter a bear

      If you see it in the distance, do not panic and gently leave.
      Do not stimulate bears, such as shouting or throwing stones.
      Do not run with your back facing. (The bear is chasing you.) )
      Keep an eye on the bear, as slowly as possible and move away from the bear.

      Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division, HodatsuShimizu Town Office
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    • 06/20/2020, 12:13
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