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    • Beware of animals etc (Ueda-shi)
    • Reiwa, around 8:20 a.m. on Saturday, June 20, 2008, there was sightings of a small black bear in a forest about a 15-minute walk from the entrance of the Iizuka mountain trail in Taroyama, Jobanjo district, Ueda City.
      Please pay close attention when climbing and farming, and take the following measures.

      Avoid alone activities in farmland, roads, and forests on the mountain, and inform bears of the existence of people with sounds such as bells and radios.
      Pay particular attention to the early morning and dusk hours when the bear's activity becomes active.
      If you find a bear's footprints or poop, turn back.
      Since there is a possibility that there is a mother bear around the baby bear, do not approach unnecessarily

      If you have seen a black bear or found any traces, please contact the Ueda City Hall Forest Development Division (0268-23-5124 (direct) or Ueda City Hall (0268-22-4100 (Representative).

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