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    • Traffic accident etc (Ina-shi)
    • I'll let you know from the Ina Police Department.
       On May 1, a traffic accident occurred in The Yamaji Estate in Ina City, where a two-seater bicycle fell over and injured.
      ◇ If you are driving a bicycle, please observe the traffic rules, keep the speed sparingly, wear a helmet, and drive more carefully.
      Two-seater bicycles are prohibited by the Road Traffic Act.
      "If it's a little distance, it's ok", and the wrong decision leads to an irreparable major accident.
      ◇ Safety use of bicycles
       As a rule, bicycles are the driveway, and the sidewalk is an exception.
       The driveway passes on the left side.
       The sidewalk is pedestrian priority, and it is slow to go closer to the driveway.
       Observe safety rules
         Drink-driving, translation, and two-seater ban
         Lights up at night
         Signal compliance and pause at intersections, safety check
       Wear a helmet when using a bicycle

      Contact: Ina Police Station (Tel: 0265-72-0110)

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    • 05/07/2020, 14:35

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