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    • Weapon etc (Wake-cho etc)
    • Arrested a man who was attempted murder (February 26th, Akatsuki Police Department)
       On February 26, a man (Akatsuki City, self-employed, 51-year-old) was arrested for attempted murder when he stabbed his wife (Akatsuki City, unemployed, 50 years old) multiple times with a Japanese sword in a convenience store store in Hozaki, Akatsuki City, and tried to kill him.

      Arrested a man who caused a traffic accident by driving under the influence of alcohol (Okayama South Station, February 26)
       On the night of February 25, a man who drove a normal passenger car while under the influence of alcohol on a city road in The Fukushima 2-Chome area in Minami-ku, Okayama City, and had a man who had progressed from the left (Okayama City, company employee, 39 years old) crashed into a normal passenger car (Okayama City, construction industry, 34-year-old) was arrested for violating the Road Traffic Act.

      Arrested a man who had hit-and-run (Bizen police station on February 26)
       On the night of February 25, while driving a large freight car on a national highway in Fukutomi, Wake-cho, Wake-gun, a man who collided with a man who was in front of the left (Waki-gun Waki-cho, 46 years old) and fled without saving, etc. despite injuring the man (Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture, truck driver, 47-year-old) was arrested for violation of the Motor Vehicle Driving Casualty Punishment Act, etc.

      Arrested two university students who defrauded mobile phones for resale purposes (Mizushima Police Department, February 26)
       On June 19 Reiwa, 2007, at a mobile phone dealership in Okayama City, men who applied for the purchase of a mobile phone and a communication service subscription agreement with the secret that it was intended to be transferred to a third party, and defrauded two mobile phones (both of whom are Okayama City, university students, 22 years old) was arrested for fraud.

      Arrested a man who illegally received welfare expenses for fraud (Maniwa Station, February 26)
       Although he had received the city's welfare expenses from November 2013 when he lived in Maniwa City, he did not notify the city of that effect, even though he had received income from the sale of goods, etc. from July 2015 to May 2018. A man (Tsuyama City, self-proclaimed unemployed, 39-year-old) who filed a false income report and defrauded the city of 36 times for a total of 3.33 million yen in welfare expenses was arrested for fraud.
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    • 02/27/2020, 08:55
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