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      On the occurrence of consecutive burglary and assault.
      [Initiation date & location]
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      Today (2/4) 9:50
      Shibata, Nakasone-Cho 2-Chome area residential
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      Today 2:00 PM

      Shibata, shinsakae-Cho 1-Chome area residential
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      Gunman invaded from 無施錠 entrance, at home in 10 years where women made noise, has been blocking the mouth behind the women fled on foot.
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      Gunman invaded from 無施錠 entrance while at home 10-year-old fled on foot pushing the women, like Cutter knife at gunpoint, beatings and face further, women made noise.
      [Perpetrator characteristics]

      1 name, height 165-170 cm, middle and high school students

      Currently, Shibata Police Department is investigating, so information provided the, please police Shibata (0254-23-0110).
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    • 02/04/2019, 17:18
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