• memo
    • Beware of animals (Miyoshi-shi)
    •  Trapped by 11/10 8:00 childhood, was planted in the mountains near the House of Miyoshi city sakugi town Ohata
      Bears larger than 1 meter
       It was witnessed that's stuck.
       And destroy the cage stopper bear went to the cage, 9:00, police received reports that a had already fled.
       May has not received information that has not been witnessed fleeing after the appearance of the currently mainly near the House was infested infested in the near future, so please note the following points.
       -Sign up or stimulate also bears witness, stay away!
       -Do not leave things around the home becomes bear bait.

      -Bell, carry things that sound!
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  • memo
    • Date and time of report
    • 11/10/2018, 10:19
  • memo
    • Classification of the incident

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