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    • Beware of animals etc (Ayabe-shi)
    • Witnesses on: 5/17/2018 (Thursday) 6:00 PM time
      Where: town center was perfect 臼谷
      1 witness bears
      Injuries: none Please note: bears to find food and the attachment in its place. Do not throw away leftover food and garbage haunt near the House to prevent. If there are 寄se付keru bears and garbage (1) promptly to cut down as soon as possible, get rid of (2) unnecessary persimmon, chestnut trees--and of measures to activate. Also carry a bell or radio when you go to the mountains, show people being loud. Just in case, you should carry bear-repelling spray, firecrackers. Especially from evening to early morning and attention is required.

      Straight gaze even encountering a bear, please walk away slowly.
    • "Please consider" The scripts on this part are translated automatically.
  • memo
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    • 05/17/2018, 19:22

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