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    • Weapon etc (Aomori-shi etc)
    • Collided with the woman men driving ordinary passenger car (minicar) but was on the road, where 5/14 7:15 PM, Aomori h. suma ambition 4-on the road (major district road field in Aomori ring extension).

      Women's injury of pelvic fractures. 5/14 6:58 PM, hirosaki-Shi man (unemployed, 73-year-old) were arrested.

      Man, 5/14 6:41 PM, hirosaki city parking lot where the business was Mobile 1 leisure knives blade length approx. 17.5 cm, but there is no other legitimate reason. 5/14 5:20 PM, goshogawara city man two (construction worker, 21-year-old, construction workers and 21-year-old) were arrested respectively.

      Male face to strike several times hand fist, two from 4/15/2018 2:10 until the day 2:35, goshogawara city beverage building and on the street over the assault, inflicting injuries such as facial bone fractures heal in about two weeks. I think has been faxing documents to solicit loans from a company called Alpine co., Ltd. 4/17/2018, Aomori Prefecture resident men's company, that men undergo 30 million yen loan, month 22 days Application requirements the fax sent to the company. Month 28 days, a man above Alpine Kudo and calls on men, "had passed the examination of 20 million yen loans. ", And was told. Far from 5/7 the men's company, has been tentative loan agreement documents are faxed, phoned Kudo said the men, from the Kudo "deposit is required to get a loan. "And as described. Man claiming the 8th month, Ikeda said Alpine also has contacted the "advance payment or deposit required to for a loan. "And with the instructions referred to as transfer payments, etc..

      Account from an ATM was placed on the same day and month 9, Tsugaru district financial institutions, credit and payment is required for for men to get a loan, lenders such as Kyushu and Hokkaido, 7 times in total 3550842 yen for payment made. 5/14 2:25 PM,-gonohe in shed's (wood tin lined one-storied house built, about 5 square meters) from and a fire broke out and gutted the barn.
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    • Date and time of report
    • 05/15/2018, 11:00
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