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    • Missing person, unidentified person (Kurume-shi etc)

    • For dementia elderly in SOS network regional cooperation by providing location information was last April, but still hasn't found again we will provide information.

      Best regards.
      [Address information]

      Yutaka Yoshida [name] (I'm Yutaka Yoshida)

      [Age]: 67-year-old

      Gender: male

      [Address]: Kurume-Shi Minami 3-Chome

      [Whereabouts unknown exposure time hours]: around the 4/11/2017 9:30
      [Clothing]: best of yellow jumper, Navy Blue and white checked shirt, beige,

      Beige cotton shorts, Brown sneakers, brown bag, Navy Blue Cap

      [Physical characteristics: height 170 cm, weight 60 kg, thin, white-haired short hair

      [Dementia]: Yes (mild)

      [Missing unknown history]: Yes (their home)

      [Unknown previous scene]: I'm just going to say, went out on foot.

      You have any discovery and witness information, Kurume police station 0942-38-0110 to contact.
      More than

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      Caller: Omuta City health longevity Support Division (community support)
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    • Date and time of report
    • 04/16/2018, 13:12
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    • Classification of the incident