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    • Snatching etc (Narita-shi etc)
    • Snatch on the continuous occurrence of snatch until the day 1:30 3/13 12:30 was from the Narita, Akasaka 2-Chome and near the city's IIDA-Cho
       Grab bag from the basket before the victim's bicycle gunman riding a scooter type motorcycle incident occurred in a row.
       Characteristics of the offender, 2 males of age 20 years, driver dress code is unknown, the rear coat black down jacket, both both helmet suffered does not.
       Pay particular attention when approaching the bikes as well as to acquire suspicious valuables.
       Cognition of omen phone scammer now seems to sign of fraud in Japan Narita police station in Tamatsukuri, agatsuma district, phone number is becoming overloaded.

      If there are any suspicious calls, talk to family and police.
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    • Date and time of report
    • 03/14/2018, 17:42
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    • Characteristics of the suspicious-looking person  ※Note

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