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    • Secret photographing (Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi)
    • [Subject] stolen pickup incident occurred
      Date/time 3/13 (Tuesday) 16:00
      [Location] Shizuoka city, AOI-Ku, daytime home passed bus (Shizuoka Chuo police station pipe) The bus waiting for the man was taken in camera.
      Hiding behind a car and see the man and continued shooting.
      The encounter by elementary school students, men and women couple  

      Dark dark hair black hat nakaniku gray-haired man [who act] 40-50s about 180 cm long coat pants black SLR camera gray car (rear tires with hatchback type)
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    • Date and time of report
    • 03/14/2018, 09:35
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    • Characteristics of the suspicious-looking person  ※Note

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