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    • Snatching (Fuchuu-shi etc)
    • [Situation]
      2/9/2018 (Friday) series 2 motorcycle available in the city of snatching cream incident has occurred.
      Culprits, both victims before the bike basket bags into a vehicle approaching from behind the bag day! so many are fleeing them.

      No injuries to the victim.
      [Place and criminals who wear] (1) 5:20 PM, occurred in the vicinity of Sengen-Cho 1-Chome.
      Gunman is a man wearing a black jumper in dark-colored helmet, fled in a dark-colored bikes. (2) 5:30 PM, occurred in the vicinity of Sengen-Cho 3-Chome.
      Criminal cover black full face type helmet, blue down jacket men, fled in the dark scooter.
      [Ask from Fuchu Police Department] Using NET or basket cover when driving citizens piled the valuable products, such as bags in the basket of a bicycle as a means of self defense. Folding handle of the bag when not available, and take steps to abandon the crime and put the waste on the criminal. Also, saw the man about 2 cases on that day, in the time of occurrence and location near similar to criminal, saw a vehicle resembling a motorcycle was used in the crime, even if information about the hand to arrest the culprit a Bell, this criminal citizens have of the

      Please inform the Fuchu police station.
      [Contact us]
      Fuchu Police Department
      Fuchu City Hall Community Safety Division

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    • Date and time of report
    • 02/13/2018, 11:09
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    • Characteristics of the suspicious-looking person  ※Note

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