• memo
    • Approaching, talking (Takahagi-shi)
    • "Pay attention to suspicious persons.
      ◆ today (14) 4:30 PM, takahagi-Shi Higashi-hontyo near a suspicious man has been spotted.
        ◆ characteristics of man,
        Height 170 cm long, slim shape
        Ages 30-40 years old.
      Snug trousers black ringtone
      Appearing in front of the women had to walk at the same time, I "could kick you out only a little?", and is turned.

      ◆ in the police has reinforce patrols, but if a store is open, if it met a suspicious person or please call the police on the safe and fled to a nearby House.
      Takahagi police station (0293-24-0110)
    • "Please consider" The scripts on this part are translated automatically.
  • memo
    • Date and time of report
    • 11/14/2017, 18:05
  • memo
    • Characteristics of the suspicious-looking person  ※Note