• memo
    • Missing person, unidentified person (Saijou-shi)
    • The announcement from saijō.

      Follows from Saijo West Police Department requests for information about missing persons.
      ○ name: Masuda Zhao (masuda_hajime), (living in Saijo, tanbara-Cho stone Sutra)
      ○ age: 85 years
      ○ sex: male ○ characteristics: about 150 cm tall.
      Shaved head, Brown long-sleeved shirt, gray Jersey and Brown sneakers, beige Cap

      ○ situation: yesterday 15 day (Thursday) 5:00 PM since missing and it is.
      We saw something like that
      Saijo West police station (0898-64-0110) To contact us please.
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  • memo
    • Date and time of report
    • 06/16/2017, 10:41
  • memo
    • Classification of the incident