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Tamai Nursery School - Safety & Security information

The information on Safety & Security information has been voluntarily posted by Gaccom users. It is not the information Gaccom has collected.
It includes information that is difficult to obtain from outside of the school. Gaccom does not guarantee the accuracy of the information in this page.
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Kumagaya-shi - Number of Fires, Accidents and Crimes

Fires, accidents, crimes

*National average

*Saitama Average

*Kumagaya-shi Average

* Comparison with the value in which nationwide average is 100


Number of occurence

Number of occurrence per 1000 persons

Number of firing of buildings

50 items

Number of traffic accidents

1293 items

Number of recognized criminal offenses

2958 items

  • Number of firing of buildings is the research data of 2008 school year
  • Number of traffic accidents is the research data of 2009 school year
  • Number of recognized criminal offenses is the research data of 2009 school year
  • 【Number of occurrence per 1000 persons】 is calculated as follows; each data divided by population as of 2010 academic year data and then multiplied by 1000.

*”Aspects shown by the statistics of municipal prefectures and cities researched by Bureau of Statistics, MIS

Kumagaya-shi - Records of Weather Warning



2016-09-07 23O’clock or around


2016-09-07 23O’clock or around


2016-08-23 21O’clock or around


2016-08-22 4O’clock or around


2016-08-22 4O’clock or around


* The above warnings include the following seven, i.e. blizzard, storm of snow, ocean wave and tidal wave.

* The above dates don’t necessarily show the accurate time.

The above records show only the latest five weather warnings.