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Shiroi-shi : junior high Schools

Gaccom provides detailed information of all elementary and junior high schools in Japan. Available information includes enrollment, classes, class size, school attendance zones, official textbook, availability of programs for students with special needs.

Grade level

Elementary Schools(1-6) Junior high Schools(7-9)

IDSchool name
1Shirai Junior high School
2oyamaguchi Junior high School
3Minamiyama Junior high School
4Nanatsugidai Junior high School
5Sakuradai Junior high School

Gaccom's school search in Shiroi-shi, Chiba Pref

Gaccom's school information

Gaccom is the first comprehensive school information portal site in Japan aimed at international audience. The information covered includes current enrollment, classes, class size by grade, max class size, availability of classes for students with special needs, attendance zones, school lunch, IT environment, textbooks, seismic retrofit of buildings, and more! Some information is limited only to Japanese, but we are expanding information offered in English. The school information provided in Gaccom is based on official resources.

School attendance zones

School attendance zones for public elementary schools are shown in the map. Please note that the attendance zones are subject to change every year, and our map is based on the 2010 rule.

Textbooks used in a school

The official textbooks used in a school are chosen for each subject from the textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education. Once the textbooks are chosen, the chioce is fixed for 4 years. We list the official textbooks used at each public elementary schools (Japanese language, math, science, and social studies) for years 2011-2014, and each public junior high schools (Japanese language, math, English, science, and social studies) for years 2012-2015.

Area Information

Some information is currently available only at the district level. This includes IT environment (such as the number of students per computer), school based management model school, seismic retrofit of school buildings. These are available only as the district average.