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Ryuugasaki-shi - Number of long-term absentees [2013/05/01 ]

Rates of the number of long-term absentees on elementary school

Rates of the number of long-term absentees on junior high school

Number of long-term absentees on elementary school


Number of long-term absentees on junior high school


*Long-term absentees: Students who were absent from school more than 30 days in total in the previous year.


*Reasons for long-term absentees are, illness, economic reasons, school truancy and so on.

* Based on the material provided by prefectures

Ibaraki- Number of school truancy of national / private / public elementary / junior high school  [2016Year]


Junior High


Number of school truancy per 1000 person (elementary school)

Number of school truancy per 1000 person (junior high school)


15 Rank


15 Rank


* Based on the material provided by prefectures

IbarakiEducational costs per student [Public elementary school: 2015Year]

*National average

*Ibaraki average

* Comparison with the value in which nationwide average is 100


Educational costs per child

Educational activities costs per child

Auxillary activities costs per child

Student per capita book purchase costs


20 Rank

20 Rank

16 Rank

17 Rank

National average





  • 1 Educational cost (in total): This is the sum of school educational costs. The breakdown is as follows: Living expenditure (labor cost, educational activities cost, administrative cost, auxiliary activities cost, prescribed payment cost), capital expenditure (land cost, building cost, facility cost, fixtures cost, book purchase cost) and debt redemption expenditure.
  • *2 Expenditure for school activity includes direct expenditure associated with students’ learning and formal school activities.

(1) Special activity costs

It is expenditure spent on special activities such as school activity, student council, club activity, school event(Ritual, curatorial specific events, sports day, traffic safety guidance), travel / collective accommodation specific event(excursion,school trip etc).
(E.g.) consumable goods expense, printing/binding fee, transportation cost (including travel costs of attendants such as teacher,doctor,mentor etc.), honorarium/allowance to mentor, children / students who need care/semi-care, club activity cost for children/students for special support school, school trip and extracurricular activity expenses

(2) Consumable goods costs for professor

(e.g.) school subject book (text book, supplementary book,guide book etc) categorized as consumable goods, material for professor
(crayons, chalk, blackboard wipe, athlethic supplies, drawing paper, origami, laboratory chemicals, materials, and equipment, etc), others (attendance book, card, stamp, stationery, envelopes, clip, diploma, calendar, etc)

(3) Travel costs

General travel expense and education assistants,appointed travel expense,training expense,study travel expense etc.

(4) Other educational activity costs

(E.g.) printing / binding expense, postage costs, telephone and telegraph fee, television reception fees, lease fee for copying machine, personal computer equipment etc., travel expense of children / students for the study by observation/the practical training for the subject other than special activity, health guidance, expenditure for use of school library, expenditure for club activity, expenditure of office work for entrance exam.

  • Auxiliary educational activities cost: It does not include cost due to regular school education, but includes the cost that has close relationship with the school activities.

(1) School lunch related costs

Expenditure for managing school lunch such as consumable goods for school lunch.

(2) Health related costs

Health check, health equipments categorized as consumable goods, purchase costs of medicine.

(3) Dormitory costs

(4) Commute related costs

Transportation cost (maintenance costs of school bus) for studuents commute, purchase costs of crime prevention buzzer, expenditure for school guard etc..

(5) Auxiliary project cost

Expenditure spent on the project for concouragement of entering kindergarten, school material purchase costs and material costs of commute which are spent in subsidy for assistant expenditure of protection-need children/students and subsidy for encourange expenditure of special support education entering school, medical costs, school lunch expenditure and trnsportation costs etc..
Educational assistance fee on Life Protection Act is out of scope because it is social security related expenditure.

(6) Other auxiliary activity costs

(E.g.) Expenditure of facility maintenance for Seaside school, forestside school.
Expenditure that can not divide by school type is proportional division by the number of children / students.

  • *4 Book purchase expenditure includes the costs that spent on newly purchased costs, the replacement and the supplement (the insertion, the deletion, etc for regulations, statute book) for the ones which are categorized as a book, a series of books, dictionary, CD, video soft,and so on (out of the books equipped in school library, library room, classroom library and teacher room).
    (Reference: MEXT)

'Region educational costs research' research by MEXT

Ryuugasaki-shi - community school designate status(2016/04/01 )

Ryuugasaki-shi - designated community school (elementary and junior high school)


* Community school (school management council system) is the system for utilizing opinion of parents and local residents for public school management.In the community school, the council which is consists of parents and local regidents is set up, and the opinions of parents / local regidents can be reflected on the school management through the activities such as approving basic plicy of school management, and providing options on educational activities. (Reference: MEXT)

* MEXT 'Research for the real situation on computerization in education'

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