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Gaccom prepares for more useful and diversified search measures for the selection of the schools. You can search for the schools with your aims such as seismic retrofit of buildings, numbers of health-care personnel and children returned from abroad by using the search of Gaccom.


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Standby Children

Air conditioning facility

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Rate of seismic retrofit of buildings

Medical care staff

Children returned from abroad

The information on enrollment / school attendance zone(schoo zone), provided by Gaccom

Enrollement is based on the research of 2015 year, school attendance zone (school zone) is based on the research of 2016 year.

*Public school attendance zones are subject to change every year and selection of school which is not located in school zone (school slection system) is available in specific region. Please confirm the detail with educational conucil always.

*We ask you to contact us when you find any mistakes in the data presented by Gaccom.

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For smartphone version, you may only make use of the school education data (for kindergartens, nursery, elementary and middle schools).